Automaxx Summer 2013

The beginning of June is always fun. This time Automaxx Summer was at the terrain of the Beekse Bergen Zoo near Tilburg. A new localtion is always fun, but sometimes you can’t really place things like you would on a familiar terrain. So to bad for the Car limbo.
The carlimbo was planned at the Lake Side camping area instead of next to Show&Shine.
But most of the people from the other camping site weren’t able to join due to the 1/4e mile drags.

After a small drive from the Starbucks we arrived and having packed out the shop. We were ready for the first day. Big up for the brothers Klunder & the Ridin’Dirty clew for helping out.

In the beginning of the afternoon it was time for a little walk around the park and spot some clean cars. First this slammed VW Beetle and the roofchopped Mini. Also cleaner cars like Rene his EP.

Ofcourse since its a 3 day event, Everybody was out camping with the BBQ in place and lots of beers.. A small part of our crew set up camp with the Ridin’Dirty Crew and soon the fire was hot for some meat and lots of fun.

The following morning most of the guys had a hangover and the rest of the efella crew arrived to prepare for another day of sales, limbo and fun.

After spotting the ladies from the Cannonball Run 3000 we had to snap a few pic with our own promo-dudes.

:Last but not least, a little overview of the DHRA Drag races.
This was the showstopper of the event with many fast cars and a lot of other funny things like Scooters & motorbikes.

Congrats to Julien Mooren for winning the sprint race in his class with his awesome MK2 Golf.

Good Vibrations Oldtimer Meet

In our little country, we have no roadtax for oldtimer cars.
But our goverment wants to change this.

A protest run was organised with more then 3000 cars. but like all big protests, the police decided to forbid the action.
Since alot of oldtimer cars & the people behind it were already getting together, why not create a meeting.
Place & Time : Muiden, 19th of May

Our photographer Toon, also a oldtimer fan, decided to head over to the meeting in Muiden and provide coverage for our blog.

From american muscle to E-types. all different kinds of cars were present. Even the winner of our Carlimbo at DAF/German Car Fest

For more info go to the website of the meeting itself: